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Acne Care

  Acne and pimples are caused by excess oil in the skin. Acne does not need to be permanent if you can find the right acne treatment. Our Acne Care considered one of the best acne treatments available and can achieve fast and effective results.

Brightening Facial

  This Brightening Facial Specifically designed to exfoliate and nurture the skin of the face, hands and decollete with high potency levels of vitamin c and seaweed. Vitamin C illuminates the skin, boosts the skin’s natural defenses, and re-establishes your balance to restore your skin’s youthful appearance.

Anti Tan Facial

 Anti Tan Facial treatment exfoliates the dead skin cells and dissolves the deposited melanin. It makes skin look younger, radiant and is suitable for all skin types.


Diamond Polishing Facial (UK)

  Diamond facial includes the various options for different skin types, conditions and various age. Your technician will fully customize this treatments. Diamond Polishing treatment is suitable for anyone wanting immediate and long lasting results. It is created especially for those with specific areas of concern, like irregular pigmentation. This lifting and firming facial includes a Cleansing Steam, Diamond Head Infusion for a deep exfoliation .

Phytomer Facial (Anti-Aging) FRANCE

  Over the past 40 years, the PHYTOMER R&D teams have identified the most active marine ingredients and are inventing the skincare of the future. This treatment perfectly combines Phytomer signature products with ultra-sensory textures and a very relaxing massage to instantly reveal your skins natural glow.

Pigmentation Treatment (FRANCE)

  Pigmentation is the coloring of your skin. It is a skin condition where patches of the skin turn into a darker shade of color due to excessive presence of melanin, found on skin surface.

Age Lock Treatment (FRANCE)

  Aging skin isn’t just about wrinkles or texture concerns. There are many manifestations involved with aging skin that happen right before our eyes and underneath the surface.

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